I@T is an engineering company providing services in innovative technologies in the areas of Clean and Renewable Energies, Multimedia and Telecommunication, Internet of Things and Biomedical..




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I@T offers to its customers and partners engineering consultancy, expertise and technical assistance services based on latest innovative technologies helping them enhance their business development capabilities and expand their geographical presence in key emerging markets…

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I@T suite of professional services includes support to customer project from its specification definition to its field deployment and operation covering design, development, testing &validation and maintenance phases…

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Components Off The Shelf :  Communication standards stacks, prepayment, encryption and decryption libraries…

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I@T is active in several sectors.

Values of I@T

Our company consists of expert and responsible executives.

The rigor, the punctuality, the flexibility and the sense of the well-made make  the wealth of our teams.

Our professionalism implies an ongoing training effort and a search for constant progress in qualifications, certifications and quality approach.

We continue to strengthen our professionalism through the development of our businesses and the exchange of experiences.

Performance is at the heart of our corporate culture. We believe that everyone is a player in performance. To achieve this, the targets  are a joint commitment of the team.

We are aware that we are individually and collectively capable and willing to fulfill the needs of our customers.

We are always aiming for continuous improvement of performances to ensure the company’s long-term survival.

We give priority to the satisfaction of all our customers and we mobilize to present the same costs and offer the same quality of service. We are committed to develop customized quotes, meeting deadlines and providing a qualified contact to meet the needs and expectations of all our customers.

In order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, the responsiveness and the involvement of our teams in the follow-up of projects constitutes a strong commitment.

Our Skills :

LoRa 95%
ZigBee 95%
PLC 95%

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