Energy : Energy distribution management

Assist power utility companies to manage more efficiently the energy distribution through the implementation of

Energy Meters

Development of several types of energy meters:

  • Single phase, three phases electricity meter
  • Water/Gaz meter
  • Prepayment meter
  • Communication protocols

Software Applications

  • PC-based software for configuring point-to-point measuring terminals
  • Software on PDA for local data collection

Data Concentrator

Collection and storage of data read from meters

Back-end servers

Collection and storage of data read from  data concentrators and meters

Energy : Smart Grid

Smart Grid Solution

What is the Smart Grid?

The Smart Grid consists of the integration of new information and communication technologies into electricity networks, will make them communicating and will allow to take into account the actions of the performers in the electrical system, while ensuring a more efficient delivery of electricity, economically viable and reliable.

It is within this framework that I@T can contribute with its expertise  to develop certain components of the network:

  • Smart Meter
  • Data Concentrator
  • Pre-processing software at the data center level

Communication protocols, information technology and smart metering are our asset in designing optimized Smart Grid solutions.