Energy distribution management

Energy Meters

Development of several types of energy meters:

  • Single phase, three phases electricity meter
  • Water/Gaz meter
  • Prepayment meter
  • Communication protocols

Software Applications

  • PC-based software for configuring point-to-point measuring terminals
  • Software on PDA for local data collection

Data Concentrator

Collection and storage of data read from meters

Back-end servers

Collection and storage of data read from  data concentrators and meters

Help operators to manage

Smart Metering

Smart Metering technologies will change the way that metering works completely. They provide customers with much more information on how they use energy and enable those customers to reduce their usage.

Smart Metering systems feature a number of innovations: digital technology, communications, control and better operation of networks.

INNOV-ALLIANCE-TECH has developed a strong expertise in Smart Metering and offers customized services and solutions in this area:

  • Smart metering software
  • Data Concentrator Software
  • Configuration and remote metering applications Customized libraries responding to various international standards such as DLMS, CPL
    G3, M-BUS, MODBUS, STS and many others.

Our experts will help you to precisely define your need, optimize it and develop it by offering highly maintainable and scalable architecture solutions.

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