IoT serving the customer experience

Considered the third evolution of the Internet (Web 3.0), the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the extension of the Internet to the real world.

In fact, physical objects are connected to the Internet through an electronic chip, sensor or network connectivity that allows them to communicate, collect and exchange data without the need for human intervention.

The customer experience is an increasingly decisive factor influencing the purchase decision. The challenge for companies is therefore to turn now to customers by offering them an exceptional experience, which will allow them to stand out from the competition.

The Internet of Things will contribute to this end by optimizing the customer experience. Quantitative feedback from connected objects on the use of their product is a gold mine for companies, who will, for all the benefits, treat and analyze them in order to refine the profile of their products. customers. The interpretation of this data will allow the company to improve the customer experience on an ongoing basis.

Our teams have developed a strong expertise in the development of:

  • Communicating sensors
  • Gateways data preprocessing software

We master a multitude of protocols such as DLMS, M-Bus, WM-Bus, LoRa, Euridis, GPRS, CPL G3 and many others.

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