Embedded systems

The development of embedded systems is one of the strengths of I@T, this development includes software and hardware

  • Software: embedded software, low layers, communication protocol, real time kernel (embedded linux, FreeRtos, nucleus)
  • Hardware: layout, PCB, placement, manufacturing file

Applications and tools on PC & PDA

Software and tools developed on PC or on PDA are applications for the exploitation or configuration of embedded systems covering several fields of application.
I@T provides its customers with its expertise for the development of applications with :

  • Graphic design using several types of technology such as QT, MFC…
  • Multi-linguage display
  • Multiple communication media such as RS232, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Radio, GPRS…
  • A variety of communication protocols like DLMS COSEM, MBUS, ModBus, TCP IP…
  • Various host platforms: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Diverses plateformes hôtes : Windows, Linux, Android, iOS

Back-end software & Information Systems

Back-end servers and information systems are essential components for storing and operating data across multiple network types.

I@T provides its customers with its expertise for the development of applications:

  • Reading data across multiple types of communication media and communication protocol
  • Storage of data in several base types and format (database, formatted text file, physical medium …)
  • Exploitation of the data stored through web portals

Test and Validation

Qualifying a product and checking its conformity to specifications are important phases of a product’s life cycle.

To this end, I@T provides its customers with a whole range of validation services for a product :

  • Studying product specifications
  • Analysis of applicable standards
  • Requirements Traceability
  • Writing functional tests

The qualification time of a product and its verification with respect to the specifications is a major factor to optimize the duration of the validation phase.

To this end, I@Tprovides its customers with its expertise to automate the tests by:

  • Development of test scripts (Python, Lua, …)
  • Development of test benches for electronic boards (LabVIEW, LabWindows, bed of nails, measuring tools)

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